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    Are you looking for a data sheet on our HALLER infrared solutions or do you have a problem with the control of your thermostat? Here you will find everything about our infrared heaters, thermostats, photovoltaic systems and boilers.


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    Establishing a wireless connection

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    Frequently asked questions

    How do I mount my HALLER infrared heater on the wall or ceiling?

    Our infrared heaters are fixed to the wall or ceiling by our tension-free, concealed HALLER 2-point mounting system with automatic safety device.You will find the exact instructions in our operating instructions.

    Download operating instructions for HALLER infrared heaters

    How is the energy requirement determined?

    We determine the energy requirement by the number of square metres, the room height, the building's year of construction, the insulation, and the intended room use.

    Why isn't my wireless thermostat working any more?

    The most common cause of a wireless thermostat that no longer works is a flat battery. Replace the batteries of your thermostat and test it again.
    The second most common reason is that the thermostat has lost the wireless connection.

    How long is the cable of the infrared heater?

    The standard cable length of our infrared heaters is 3 metres including the Schuko plug.

    What is the wall distance of the mounted infrared heater?

    The wall distance including the heater is 5 cm.

    What is the difference between Elegance BIO and Classic BIO?

    The Elegance BIO series has a white glossy surface with a light structure. Classic BIO has a matt surface. The two series are identical in design and performance.

    What resolution does my picture need to be printed on the heater?

    The picture you wish to print requires a resolution of 300 dpi.

    Can I control the light frame and the heating separately?

    Yes, the light frame and the infrared heater can be controlled separately. The heating is normally controlled via the thermostat, whereas the light frame is operated via the supplied remote control or via the light switch in the room.

    What distinguishes the HALLER infrared heater from other infrared heaters?

    We have 10 unique selling points that distinguish HALLER infrared heaters from infrared heaters from other manufacturers.

    What is a Thera P8 infrared heater?

    Our Thera P8 infrared heaters have 8 times the amount of energisation. They release negative ions and thus provide a healthy and energetically positive climate of well-being.

    Can I use the existing power line of the night storage heater for the infrared heater?

    Yes, the existing power line of the old night storage heater can be used to connect the infrared heater.

    Where can I find the price list for HALLER infrared heaters?

    We will be happy to provide you with our price list after a personal consultation.

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