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    Information for business partners

    Distribution partners, retailers, property developers, architects, planners and installers can find information here about working with HALLER Infrarot. 

    Strong partners

    Our partner developers

    We've been working with the following developers for several years. They're our strong partners – from planning to the finished, ready-to-move-in house. Our HALLER infrared heaters fit ideally into the concept of the property developers and offer the ideal conditions for efficient new buildings.

    Thoma house

    Holz100 – 100% wood

    Holz100 houses from the Thoma company are made of 100 percent wood. They use special "moon wood" from sustainable forestry, which gives pests virtually no chance to gain a foothold. The Thoma house concept is thus in line with the HALLER philosophy: Our products are sustainable, regional, health-promoting and natural. Our HALLER infrared heaters can be integrated perfectly into the Thoma architectural style because they fit perfectly between the ceiling beams of Thoma houses.

    Naturhausbau 2000

    Ecological house building

    Naturhausbau 2000 focuses on staying natural. The raw materials are renewable and ecological insulation made of cellulose is used in the energy-saving houses of Naturhausbau 2000. The wooden houses provide ideal humidity regulation, something that our HALLER infrared heater also promotes. This means that the wooden house has a pleasant indoor climate in summer as well as in winter. Naturhausbau 2000 offers the best conditions for building houses with KfW 40 standard.


    Ready-to-move-in houses

    With DAN-WOOD, you are opting for a builder who uses high-quality brand-name building materials and offers its own interior design programme for an atmosphere of genuine well-being. If you want a smart home, DAN-WOOD is the right choice: They offer intelligent smart home solutions that make everyday life easier. Our HALLER infrared heaters can also be easily controlled via smart home systems. Our infrared heaters as well as our photovoltaic, power storage and hot water boiler components are already included in the initial planning phase at DAN-WOOD, so that all connections fit directly.


    Individual prefabricated houses

    SchwörerHaus builds prefabricated houses of the highest possible quality at the best possible price! Sophisticated and healthy house concepts in many different architectural styles, entirely according to the customer's ideas. Even customers who chose SchwörerHaus 30 years ago still benefit from the long-lasting building fabric today. Together with the Schwörer company, we are now converting the night storage heaters installed at that time to efficient infrared heaters. All existing connections from the night storage heaters can be used to connect the HALLER infrared heaters without any major construction work. SchwörerHaus also builds Tiny Houses, also called FlyingSpaces. Our infrared heaters fit neatly into these structures and save space.

    My PV

    Hot water preparation

    In the area of water heating, we work together with My-PV, an innovative manufacturer of intelligent heating rods which, in combination with a photovoltaic system, enable solar-optimised water heating.

    Become a retailer

    Distribute HALLER infrared heaters

    As an official HALLER sales partner, you sell high-quality products, 100% made in Upper Swabia. We will provide you with information material and documentation on our HALLER infrared heaters. We support you in the best possible way with regular training courses and are your contact for any open questions.

    Become a retailer


    The benefits for you

    as an official HALLER retailer

    Innovative products

    HALLER infrared heaters are innovative products, 100% made in Germany.
    We're always working on expanding our product range and regularly launch new infrared solutions on the market. Thanks to our regional production in Riedlingen, we have no delivery problems and support suppliers from the surrounding area. Our products and our philosophy are based on sustainability.

    Comprehensive training

    Before you start distributing our HALLER products, you'll receive comprehensive product training on site. We offer annual training sessions, including on demand, so that our retailers are always up to date. These meetings are also a platform to get to know the entire retailer network.

    Your own postcode area

    As an official HALLER retailer, you'll be responsible for your own postcode area, which we will establish together with you. Enquiries will be forwarded directly to you. This way, you'll be particularly close to your customers and can respond optimally to their needs.

    Powerful advertising material

    We provide you with everything you need in terms of advertising to be able to provide comprehensive consulting services to your clients. From business resources such as e-mail addresses and business cards to printed information material such as flyers and brochures. If you wish, we can also create individual prints for you, for example for trade fairs or other advertising campaigns. We support you in equipping your showroom and provide you with demonstration models and more.

    A supportive home base

    Our plant with its showroom and production facilities in Riedlingen forms the basis that you can also use for consultations with your customers. 
    You'll always find a contact here, whether on site or by telephone. That's because our office staff work with you hand in hand.

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    Qualitäts Siegel
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