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    Infrared heaters from HALLER

    As a family business with more than 18 years of experience in the field of infrared heaters, we are your contact for innovative, regionally produced heating solutions. All individual parts of our infrared heaters are manufactured in the local area. The high-quality HALLER infrared heaters are handcrafted in our manufacture in Riedlingen.

    Our infrared heaters provide comfortable radiant heat that emulates the sun's rays. They can be used in many ways – simply and discreetly as a white heating element, practically as a bathroom mirror heater or as a design element with a picture printed on it.

    We offer you everything from a single source: from installation to an overall energy concept combining photovoltaics, a power storage system and hot water preparation. Let us know what you need – we are experts in new and old buildings!

    HALLER Elegance BIO

    Our favourite product


    BIO product from Germany
    Natural and environmentally friendly
    Healthy climate of well-being

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is an infrared heater?

    An infrared heater is an electric heater powered by electricity, emits radiant heat. It emits long-wave infrared C heat waves through the heating panel. The infrared heat feels like the heat of the sun, it warms the body and provides a comfortable feeling.

    How does an infrared heater work?

    Unlike conventional heaters, IR heating does not heat the air. Instead, it heats the body and objects in the room, which then gradually release the heat back into the environment.

    What does an infrared heater look like?

    The classic infrared heater is a white, flat heating panel with a smooth surface and rounded edges and corners. However, there are many different variants and designs of the infrared heater to make them an eye-catcher in any living space.

    Picture heaters as eye-catchers for all living spaces, even your own motifs are possible
    Mirror heaters for the bathroom or wardrobe
    Glass heaters as an exclusive detail in the living room
    Panel heaters for the children's room or kitchen
    Mobile heaters supported on stands
    Foot heaters for the office
    Infrared heaters with light in the form of LEDs

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    Qualitäts Siegel
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