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    HALLER Elegance BIO

    The natural infrared heater

    The HALLER Elegance BIO model range boasts a wide power spectrum from 170 watts to 1500 watts. Our Elegance BIO infrared heaters feature a new, innovative powder coating. This coating provides higher temperature resistance and a higher radiant capacity.

    Model Power Size Weight
    Elegance BIO 170 170 Watt 60 x 25 cm ca. 3,6 kg
    Elegance BIO 250 250 Watt 90 x 25 cm ca. 5 kg
    Elegance BIO 350 350 Watt 60 x 50 cm ca. 6,6 kg
    Elegance BIO 500 500 Watt 120 x 38 cm ca. 10 kg
    Elegance BIO 680 680 Watt 100 x 62,5 cm ca. 13,4 kg
    Elegance BIO 710 710 Watt 170 x 38 cm ca. 14 kg
    Elegance BIO 850 850 Watt 110 x 70 cm ca. 16,2 kg
    Elegance BIO 1.000 1.000 Watt 150 x 60 cm ca. 18,7 kg
    Elegance BIO 1.250 1.250 Watt 150 x 75 cm ca. 23,2 kg
    Elegance BIO 1.500 1.500 Watt 180 x 75 cm 27,3 kg
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    HALLER warranty
    90 months
    BIO infrared heating with
    natural energisation

    Technical data

    All about Elegance BIO
    Surface Sheet steel, powder coated
    Color white, glossy
    Heating element Direct heating
    Voltage 230 Volt, 50 Hz
    Temperature approx. 95°C at 21°C room temperature
    Electromagnetic compatibility Elektrosmog arm
    Protection class IP 54 with plug; IP 65 without plug, suitable for damp locations
    Assembly Wall or ceiling mounting
    Mounting tension-free, concealed HALLER 2-point mounting system with automatic safety device
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    Any unanswered questions?

    Where is the HALLER infrared heater manufactured?

    Our infrared heaters are produced at our plant in Riedlingen. All components of HALLER infrared heaters are of German origin and are produced in Upper Swabia according to Swabian quality standards, including special sizes and custom-made products.

    How quickly does an infrared heater get warm?

    Our infrared heater only needs 6 to 8 minutes to warm up from 0 to 90 degrees. You feel the direct heat immediately. So infrared heating is perfect for generating heat quickly and spontaneously. For permanent heating, bodies are heated only once and then kept at a constant temperature by regularly cycling the infrared heater. As soon as external heat sources such as sunlight are available, the infrared heater can switch off without significant losses.

    What protection class does an IR heater have?

    Our infrared heaters have protection classes from IP 20 to IP 65, depending on the model. This means that we can also offer an ideal heating solution for damp rooms.

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    Qualitäts Siegel
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