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    Family business

    with over 18 years of experience

    As a family business with more than 18 years of experience in the field of infrared heaters, we are your contact for innovative, regionally produced heating solutions.

    Hanspeter Haller

    Founder and inventor

    Hanspeter Haller is a Swabian tinkerer straight out of a storybook. He advanced the concept of infrared heaters with the vision of creating benefits for people with his developments. Despite his great success, the farmer's son with roots in Horgenzell has remained down-to-earth.

    "We want our children to be able to live healthily in 30 years' time, which is why we strive to promote independence from ecological energy with our products."

    The Haller story

    from the beginning

    Hanspeter Haller grew up with five brothers and sisters on a farm near Horgenzell. Haller talks about his childhood: "The boys were in the fields and stables, and the girls were helping out in the household. That's just the way it was done in the 1960s and 70s." Later, they all did an apprenticeship. Although he actually wanted to become an architect, Hanspeter started an apprenticeship as a retail salesman at the Grimm company in Weingarten. Not long thereafter, he had already opened his own sports shop in Riedlingen, which he sold for a profit in 2002.

    Two years later, his Swabian tinkerer's spirit followed the right instinct when he discovered infrared heaters in Switzerland. He started selling them in Germany in 2006 and, since 2011, has even been developing his own infrared heaters, which are 100% handmade at the production site in Riedlingen. All raw materials are sourced from the region.

    Philipp Haller

    Idea generator and doer

    Their son Philipp has also been involved from the outset. After studying business administration and working for several years in the electric car division of a well-known manufacturer, he is now the managing director of HALLER Energiefreiheit GmbH.

    With Philipp Haller, the family business is entering a new era. He provides innovative input and, owing to his reliable nature, takes on a lot of responsibility in the company.

    Philipp represents the company at trade fairs, in customer meetings and at lectures and seminars for our retailers. He injects a sense of freshness into the family-run company and yet knows how to uphold its entrepreneurial values. 

    "Soaking up the sun - many of us fly to faraway places to do this on holiday. Yet you can also bring the sun right into your own home: with infrared heaters. They provide cosy radiant heat, which mimics the sun's rays."

    Hanspeter Haller

    Rosamaria Haller

    Entrepreneur and driving force

    For many years, Rosamaria Haller worked in the textile industry and ran her own business on 600 square metres in Hayingen. Together with Hanspeter Haller, she decided in 2012 to start manufacturing infrared heaters in their company building. 

    Since then, Mrs Haller has been the managing director of HALLER Infrarot GmbH and manages the human resources department with compassion and intelligence. She is the contact person for job interviews, attends to all issues concerning our employees and makes important decisions for the company. This makes her an irreplaceable pillar of HALLER Infrarot GmbH. 

    Strong together

    in the family business

    Family cohesion is a top priority for us. Every Friday, the brothers head to Gossetsweiler to enjoy their mother's cooking. Conversation is always lively there, and it's also not uncommon for them to pay a visit to their brother Markus at "Haller Raumgestaltung" in Sattelbach or to fruit grower Rolf Haller in Horgenzell. 

    As different as the brothers' areas of business are, they have one thing in common: They are regional, qualitative and innovative.

    The company now has over 20 employees, who contribute their know-how and energy to the company every day. We are constantly growing and are an integral part of Riedlingen with our company complex of over 2,000 square metres. We are proud of this and are looking positively into the future. 

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