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    Solutions for every situation

    Are you planning a new building, renovating your property, replacing your old night storage heaters or adding supplementary heating to your flat? Thanks to the minimal effort required for installation, infrared heaters are the perfect solution for your individual living situation.

    Old buildings

    Infrared heating in old buildings
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    New buildings

    Infrared heating in new buildings
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    Solutions for commercial buildings and offices
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    Solutions for churches and historical buildings
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    Alternative to night storage heaters

    Replacing night storage heaters
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    Mobile infrared heaters

    Flexible in use
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    Infrared heating with light

    Heater with LED light frame
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    Infrared ceiling heater

    Infrared heater on the ceiling
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    Picture heater

    Infrared heater with picture
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    From the bathroom to the kitchen

    Infrared heaters as the solution

    Our HALLER infrared heaters can be installed as a complete heating system in the house or serve as supplementary heating. Our infrared heaters are also ideal for commercial premises such as restaurants, hotels or therapy rooms.

    Possible applications

    of our HALLER infrared heaters

    • New buildings
    • Old buildings
    • Renovation
    • Extension
    • Supplementary heating
    • Apartment buildings
    • Single-family houses
    • Condominiums
    • Rental properties
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