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    Advantages of HALLER

    Our features

    One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is the innovative design of our HALLER infrared heaters. Our 10 unique selling points illustrate the difference.  

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    Thermal separation

    Innovative design

    Our Elegance BIO infrared heaters stand out thanks to the new, innovative powder coating with ceramic components. This provides improved radiant power, easier cleaning and higher temperature resistance.

    The thermal separation of the front and rear side ensures that the front side heats up quickly, resulting in very high radiation efficiency towards the front. Thanks to this innovative design, the rear side heats up only minimally and radiates hardly at all to the rear.

    The diagram shows the high-quality components that make up our HALLER Elegance BIO infrared heater.

    10 unique selling points
    of HALLER infrared heaters

    HALLER advantages

    What sets us apart

    Warmth and well-being as if from the sun

    HALLER infrared heaters provide comfortable radiant heat, comparable to the soothing effect of the sun's rays. This type of heat is perceived by the entire human body as having a very pleasant and gentle effect. Thus, our heat wave heaters create a completely new kind of well-being in every home.

    Good for your health

    The heat from our infrared heaters dilates the blood vessels and thus improves circulation. Since walls and objects in the room are heated, no dust is stirred up, which is especially good for people with allergies. This keeps the air humidity balanced and mucous membranes do not dry out. The safety of our infrared heaters is confirmed by the IGEF electrosmog certificate.

    100% made in Germany

    All individual parts of our infrared heaters are manufactured in the local area. The high-quality HALLER infrared heaters are handcrafted in our plant in Riedlingen.

    Energy and cost savings

    All infrared heating systems from HALLER are extremely cost-saving thanks to their excellent efficiency and minimal energy losses. Their actual energy requirement can also be optimised by controlling the room temperature via thermostats.

    Individual according to your wishes

    We manufacture our HALLER infrared heaters entirely according to your wishes. We can produce special requests with respect to size and shape in small series for you. We print your own personal photo on your infrared heater with our high-quality UV printer.

    Easy mounting

    Our 2-point mount with automatic safety device is attached to each of our infrared heaters.  This allows for easy installation by just one person and a high degree of flexibility when it comes to placing the heater.

    Heating with style

    To avoid the need for many smaller heaters, we offer elements with up to 1,500 watts of power. This way, our infrared heater fits into your living concept without really standing out.

    Innovative technology

    HALLER infrared provides you with a maintenance-free heating system with a very long service life and without annual customer service costs. Our infrared heater features a short response time, from 0 to 90 degrees in 6 to 8 minutes. The elements are easy to maintain thanks to the smooth surface. The freely suspended housing design eliminates the usual cracking noises and also prevents unpleasant odours.

    Any unanswered questions?

    How much is the warranty on HALLER infrared heaters?

    Our infrared heaters stand for quality. That is why we grant up to 90 months warranty on our Elegance BIO heaters.

    Where are HALLER infrared heaters manufactured?

    We focus on regionality: All our components come from Germany and are, with a few exceptions, from a radius of 40 kilometres and are produced by hand in accordance with Swabian quality standards.

    Where can I buy HALLER infrared heaters?

    Choose a retailer near you or come directly to our plant in Riedlingen.

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