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    10 unique selling points

    Our HALLER infrared heater has 10 unique selling points that set it apart from heaters from other manufacturers. We make the difference!

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    Thermal separation

    The front and back of the infrared heater are thermally separated by means of a self-supporting rail construction consisting of two parts. The installation elements are fixed without rivets, screws or glue, so heat transfer to the rear is largely prevented.


    The infrared heater expands towards the front, and the corners bevelled towards the back create a convexity of the front when heated. This results in a higher radiation angle of up to 160 degrees.

    Tiled stove powder

    The surface of our infrared heaters is coated with a tiled stove powder with ceramic components developed in-house. This features improved radiant power, easier cleaning and higher temperature resistance.

    Minimum distance to the wall

    Thanks to our fastening system, the infrared heater is mounted with the smallest possible distance to the wall, so you can hardly see behind it, which is a visual highlight.

    Radiation efficiency

    For each front element, the powder on the back of the front steel sheet is blown out by hand before being fired in the oven to increase the radiation frequency.

    Steel fibre wire

    We use a steel fibre wire developed in-house with low electrosmog for rapid heating of the entire surface.

    Binding material

    The thermal insulation is biodegradable because it is free of chemical binders.

    Tension-free design

    We use flexible rails so that the heater can work and does not bend.
    The entire construction of our infrared heater is designed so that no cracking noises can occur.

    Simple mounting

    Thanks to our HALLER 2-point mount with automatic safety device, the infrared heater remains mobile and can be easily fixed to the ceiling or wall without a mounting gauge.


    Our infrared heaters make use of the traditional principle of salt crystal powder, which releases negative ions and thus ensures a healthy and energetically positive climate of well-being.

    HALLER Elegance BIO

    Our favourite product


    BIO product from Germany
    Natural and environmentally friendly
    Healthy climate of well-being

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    Thermal separation

    Innovative design

    Our Elegance BIO infrared heaters stand out thanks to the new, innovative powder coating with ceramic components. This provides improved radiant power, easier cleaning and higher temperature resistance.

    The thermal separation of the front and rear side ensures that the front side heats up quickly, resulting in very high radiation efficiency towards the front. Thanks to this innovative design, the rear side heats up only minimally and radiates hardly at all to the rear.

    The diagram shows the high-quality components that make up our HALLER Elegance BIO infrared heater.

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    Any unanswered questions?

    How much is the warranty on HALLER infrared heaters?

    Our infrared heaters stand for quality.
    That is why we grant up to 90 months warranty on our Elegance BIO heaters.

    Where are HALLER infrared heaters manufactured?

    Our infrared heaters are produced at our plant in Riedlingen. All components of HALLER infrared heaters are of German origin and are produced in Upper Swabia according to Swabian quality standards, including special sizes and custom-made products.

    Where can I buy HALLER infrared heaters?

    Choose a retailer near you or come directly to our plant in Riedlingen.

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