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    HALLER BIO infrared heaters

    The natural infrared heater

    Our Elegance BIO infrared heaters stand out thanks to the new, innovative powder coating with ceramic components. This features improved radiant power, easier cleaning and higher temperature resistance.

    HALLER Elegance BIO

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    90-month warranty
    10 different sizes
    5 surface variants

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    HALLER warranty
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    BIO infrared heating with
    natural energisation

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    The radiant heat miracle

    Elegance BIO

    The BIO infrared heater from HALLER is designed to expand convexly during the heating phase, both horizontally and vertically. This results in a slightly bulbous heating surface, which contributes to an improved alignment of the radiation and optimised heat radiation.

    The illustration provides a schematic view of an Elegance BIO as seen from the top edge. It shows the convex beam angle relative to the room.

    Electrosmog certificate

    IGEF Certificate

    Health is very important to us, so when we developed our heating systems, we made sure that it was as low in electrosmog as possible. This is confirmed by the IGEF Certificate – our infrared heater was tested and awarded by the International Society for Electrosmog Research because it meets the strict health requirements for low-electrosmog products (tested on the Classic BIO 500W model).

    Healthy warmth and well-being

    through negative ions

    HALLER BIO infrared heaters use an ancient principle of light photon enrichment with negative ions, just as the sun has done for thousands of years. For human well-being, at least 1,000 of these light photons should be found in one cubic centimetre of air. Our BIO infrared heaters thus provide a healthy and energetically positive climate of well-being.

    Number of negative ions

    Closed rooms and offices 0 – 250
    City air 250 – 750
    Country air 1,000 – 2,000
    Mountain air 1,000 – 5,000
    In a cave 5,000 – 20,000
    In front of water falls 25,000 – 80,000


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    with Thera P8 infrared heaters

    Structure of our infrared heater

    Using Elegance BIO as an example

    Our Elegance BIO infrared heaters stand out thanks to the new, innovative powder coating with ceramic components. This provides improved radiant power, easier cleaning and higher temperature resistance.

    The thermal separation of the front and rear side ensures that the front side heats up quickly, resulting in very high radiation efficiency towards the front. Thanks to this innovative design, the rear side heats up only minimally and radiates hardly at all to the rear.

    The diagram shows the high-quality components that make up our HALLER Elegance BIO infrared heater.

    The advantages


    Natural and environmentally friendly

    HALLER BIO is an innovative heating system manufactured from components that are as close to nature and environmentally friendly as possible.

    Healthy climate of well-being

    Our HALLER BIO infrared heaters enhance your health and provide a wholesome and energetic climate of well-being.

    Innovation with a long service life

    HALLER BIO infrared heaters are innovative systems that offer even greater energy efficiency and radiant power, uncomplicated and simple installation, absolute freedom from maintenance and a long service life.

    Positive CO2 balance

    Since the infrared heater is powered by electricity, CO2 emissions depend solely on the composition of the electricity. But with 50% electricity savings, emissions are also 50% lower.

    Individually printable

    We print our infrared heaters with a motif from our image pool or with your own personal motif of choice.

    Elegance and convexity

    HALLER BIO catches the eye with its plano-convex shape, which is created during the heating process and gives the heating element a minimalist, elegant appearance.

    Qualitäts Siegel
    Qualitäts Siegel
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