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    LED light

    Infrared heater as room lighting

    Light creates the right atmosphere in a room, so it's a very important factor in a living space. If you use infrared as ceiling heating with integrated light, you not only warm up the room, but you have room lighting directly combined with it. If the infrared heater with LED is well positioned, it can even serve as the sole light source in the room.

    Infrared heating with light

    Space-saving and modern

    The light of the infrared heater can be easily controlled via the remote control included in the delivery. As an option, it is also possible to use the normal light switch if an extra cable can be laid in the ceiling. If only one power line exists for the previous light, this can be used for the infrared heater on the ceiling and also for the LED lighting. The infrared heater can be controlled independently of the ceiling lighting because both devices are controlled individually by radio.

    • Efficient lighting for bathrooms, residential interiors and commercial spaces
    • Low energy consumption (87 lumens/watt)
    • Pleasant light in neutral white or warm white
    • Three variants to choose from
    • High temperature resistance
    • Maintenance-free
    • Rapid and easy mounting by clipping on
    • Exceptionally durable and long-lasting (up to 35,000 hours)

    LED light frame direct

    Optimum room illumination

    With our HALLER light frames, the heating panel becomes the perfect room lighting. The frames consist of a high-quality aluminium profile and a diffuser cover. The diffuser evenly distributes the light points of the LEDs. The beam angle of 120 degrees is directed downwards at an angle, so the LED light frame provides optimum illumination of the room. The light is well distributed in the room and produces few shadows and doesn't glare.

    LED light frame indirect

    Mood and ambience

    Use our accessory set HALLER light frame indirect when you want to use the infrared heater to softly illuminate the room. The frame is attached behind the panel with magnets and spreads pleasant light in the room. Since the light is prevented from entering the room directly by the infrared panel, it's not as bright as with direct lighting.

    The frame is made of high-quality aluminium, which dissipates heat perfectly. The LEDs used are temperature-resistant up to 50┬░ Celsius and have a rated service life of 35,000 hours, making them very durable.

    LED light attachment

    Modern lighting

    The light attachment is the perfect solution for using a HALLER Reflex (mirror heater) or HALLER Exklusiv (glass heater) as modern and energy-saving lighting. The innovative room lighting is simply placed on top of the heater.

    The high-performance LEDs provide bright light of 2,500 lumens with a neutral white colour temperature (4,000 K). Despite the brightness, the light doesn't glare because the LEDs are located in a profile with an opal cover. This acts as a diffuser and scatters the light.

    Infrared heating with light
    Combined heat and light source

    Additional accessories

    for HALLER infrared heaters

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