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    Towel rail

    compatible with infrared heaters

    Our towel rails are made of stainless steel and are available in two designs – straight and curved. They're available for our Elegance BIO infrared heaters, Reflex mirror heaters and our Exclusive glass heaters.

    High-quality stainless steel

    Modern and space-saving

    The towel rail is ideal for the bathroom, as it keeps your towel pleasantly warm when hung up. However, it's also popular in offices and study rooms as a spacer to protect the infrared heater.

    Available for

    HALLER Elegance BIO
    500, 710 and 1,000 watts

    HALLER Reflex (mirror heater)
    650 and 950 watts

    HALLER Exklusiv (glass heater)
    650 and 950 watts

    Two designs

    to choose from

    Straight towel rail

    Curved towel rail

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