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    Infrared heating with light

    Combined heat and room lighting

    Light creates the right atmosphere in a room, so it's a very important factor in a living space. If you use infrared as ceiling heating with integrated light, you not only warm up the room, but you also have room lighting directly combined with it. If the infrared heater on the ceiling with LED is well positioned, it can even serve as the sole light source in the room.

    Room lighting with LED

    Infrared heater with LED frame on the ceiling

    Even a small light frame measuring 622 by 522 millimetres produces a luminous flux of 2750 lumens. A 60-watt light bulb usually has only 800 lumens, so the frame produces as much light as about five light bulbs. The LED frame on the ceiling provides pleasantly uniform light and has a rated service life of 50,000 hours. This means that after this time, the illumination from the infrared heater with light still emits 70% of the luminous flux emitted at the beginning of its service life. The favourable beam angle of 120 degrees is directed downwards at an angle, so the LED light frame provides optimum illumination of the room. The light is well distributed in the room and produces few shadows and doesn't glare. Our light frames are temperature-resistant, making them ideal for all our heaters with all possible wattages.

    Cool light for study rooms

    The neutral white colour temperature of 4000 K is perfect for workrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. This light has a sober effect, resembling daylight and keeping the body alert. Moreover, cool light appears brighter given the same luminous flux. 

    Warm light for living spaces

    The light of the LEDs of the HALLER light frame can be adjusted to different light colours, or rather colour temperatures. Warm white light of 3000 K is suitable for living and dining rooms as well as bedrooms where people relax, eat or sleep. This is because light in the colour of incandescent lamps has a cosy effect and creates a pleasant ambience.

    Direct LED light

    Light for the whole room

    The infrared heater with the direct LED frame is ideal for hanging from the ceiling and can even serve as a sole source of light in the room. The combination of heating and light is particularly effective when there is a lack of space. This is because it can be fixed to the ceiling, freeing up the walls for furniture and other objects. Attached to the ceiling, the infrared heater becomes almost invisible – it seems as if it were just a lamp.

    Indirect LED light

    Light for ambience

    The infrared heater with indirect LED frame is effective on ceilings and walls – printed with a high-quality picture, for example. The light serves more as a means of creating a cosy ambience in the room than as effective room lighting. It creates a cosy atmosphere in your living space. Our indirect LED lighting is heat-resistant and, thanks to sophisticated mounting, also protected against excessive heat build-up.

    LED light attachment

    Modern light source

    The LED light attachment is simply placed on the heater and thus serves as an energy-saving light source directly above the heater. It's ideal for bathrooms or cloakrooms. The light attachment is available for our HALLER Exklusiv heaters and our HALLER Reflex heaters.

    LED solutions from HALLER
    Infrared heater as room lighting

    The bottom line on heating with light

    The advantages at a glance

    • Saves space by combining heating and lighting
    • Efficient lighting for residential and commercial spaces
    • Low energy consumption (87 lumens/watt)
    • Pleasant light, adjustable between neutral white and warm white
    • Light beam angle 120 degrees angled downwards
    • High temperature resistance
    • Maintenance-free
    • Quick and easy installation due to self-centring attachment
    • Exceptionally durable and long-lasting
    • Creates the right atmosphere in the room
    • Easy to control with the remote control

    Any unanswered questions?

    How do you control the light of the infrared heater?

    The light of the infrared heater can be easily controlled via the remote control included in the delivery. As an option, it is also possible to use the normal light switch if an extra cable can be laid in the ceiling. 

    If only one power line exists for the previous light, this can be used for the infrared heater on the ceiling and also for the LED lighting. The infrared heater can be controlled independently of the ceiling lighting because both devices are controlled individually by radio.

    Can you install the light yourself?

    Mounting the light frame on the infrared heater is simple: The LED light frame can easily be placed on the infrared panel with pre-mounted magnets. So you don't have to be an expert to attach the light to the infrared heater.
    We will be happy to provide professional installation on request.

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