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    Infrared solutions for commercial buildings and offices

    We have developed and enhanced heating solutions for industrial purposes and historic buildings. Our industrial heaters warm halls, workplaces, exhibition areas and offices.


    Intelligent heat supersized

    LongHeater convinces with maximum energy efficiency. It's mounted on the ceiling and delivers intelligent heat for warehouses, production halls and sports facilities.


    Ceiling grid heating

    The panels can be integrated into ceiling grids and combined with ventilation or lighting elements. The infrared area heating panel is perfect for offices, schools, production rooms and halls.

    Heat large areas efficiently

    with infrared solutions for your commercial building

    Do you want to heat a large area, such as warehouses, production halls, sports facilities, open-plan offices or exhibition spaces? Our infrared solutions provide ideal heat, even for large spaces. We will be happy to advise you for commercial heating.

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    Any unanswered questions?

    What rooms are LongHeaters suitable for?

    Our LongHeaters are suitable for rooms with a minimum installation height of 3 meters.
    This makes them ideal for warehouses, sports facilities, production halls, workshops, exhibition spaces and other halls.

    Will CoverPlate fit into my ceiling grid?

    Our CoverPlate ceiling grid heaters are specially designed for ceiling grids.
    We offer four different sizes that fit into the standard sizes of ceiling grids.

    How are infrared heaters controlled?

    The infrared heaters can be conveniently controlled with thermostats.
    Thus, in addition to fixed connection solutions, we also offer convenient wireless thermostats as well as the possibility of smart home integration.

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