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    Mobile infrared heaters

    Heat exactly where you need it

    Mobile infrared heaters are particularly suitable when you need heat quickly in places without a fixed heating system. The mobile infrared heater serves as the perfect supplementary heater when, for example, the use of the room has not yet been clearly defined or additional heat is needed in a room that’s already heated. We at HALLER have developed several mobile infrared solutions.


    make the HALLER infrared heater mobile

    Each of our infrared heaters equipped with a plug becomes a mobile heater with our supporting stands. The stable stands are laser-cut from steel sheet and powder-coated after bending. They're durable, stable and complement the design of our infrared heaters. The stands are the ideal way to quickly generate additional heat – exactly where you need it. This can be in the bathroom in the morning, in a rarely used holiday flat or in front of the TV in the evening.

    Our stands are available in different versions – large and small, straight and slightly slanted. The straight stands have toes that make them an eye-catcher in any living room.

    Installation is a simple matter: place the infrared heater on the stands, tighten the two screws by hand and plug the heater into the wall socket. The room will be cosy and warm within a short time because our infrared heaters heat up in no time at all.

    Foot heater

    Handy and effective

    With dimensions of 40 x 40 cm, HALLER MultiPUR is the smallest of HALLER's mobile solutions. It's handy and versatile. It can be used as a desk heater in the office, as a foot heater in the living room, in work or hobby rooms and as a comfort heater for seniors.

    The foot heater comes with a free dimmer, which regulates the desired temperature on a scale between 20°C and 70°C or 20°C and 115°C.

    HALLER MultiPUR can be used in three ways:
    – Horizontally as a direct foot heater on which you can place your feet directly
    – Vertically as a heater under the table or next to the sofa
    – Suspended from the back of the chair as a back heater

    To the foot heater

    Bar table heater

    Mobile thanks to castors

    The Pylon – our first mobile floor model for rooms lacking wall space. Thanks to the castors, it's mobile and can be easily transported to other rooms. This makes the Pylon ideal as a supplementary heater in living rooms, for the catering trade and at festivities.

    Mobile table

    With optional castors

    We offer castors with brakes as optional accessories for our table heater. This turns the table heater into a mobile heater in no time at all. 

    To the table

    Any unanswered questions?

    Where can mobile infrared heaters be used?

    – At the office and at your desk as a foot heater 
    – In workshops or garages 
    – In hobby rooms
    – In the bathroom for extra warmth in the morning
    – Above the changing table as a source of warmth for babies 
    – For spring camping
    – In rarely used garden sheds
    – In holiday flats
    – At parties as a bar table heater

    What are the advantages of mobile heaters?

    – Warmth in places where no fixed heating system is installed
    – Easy to transport thanks to the compact size or fixed castors
    – Quickly generated warmth shortly after switching on thanks to a short heat-up time
    – Noiseless heat source
    – Low energy consumption
    – Lasting warmth that can be felt long after switching off
    – Healthy warmth that permeates the body and alleviates ailments
    – Easy to install
    – Simple to operate thanks to thermostats
    – Easy to clean

    Questions about the product?
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