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    Infrared ceiling heater

    Space-saving and efficient

    Infrared ceiling heaters are the ideal solution for rooms with limited wall space. Our infrared heaters from the Elegance BIO series are ideal for mounting on ceilings and are easy to install.

    Infrared ceiling heater between ceiling beams

    Fits perfectly

    The dimensions of our infrared heaters are designed to fit perfectly between ceiling beams. This means that the infrared heater on the ceiling sits perfectly between the ceiling beams.

    Flush-mounted infrared ceiling heater

    with notch

    If you're planning on using infrared ceiling heaters right from the start, you can install matching notches for the infrared heaters you intend to use. This way, the infrared heater fits flush and seamlessly into the ceiling.

    Infrared ceiling heater with light

    Combined heat and light

    Anyone looking to save twice as much space can opt for an infrared ceiling heater with a light frame. The infrared heater on the ceiling provides cosy warmth and enough light to illuminate the room.

    Infrared heater on the ceiling

    More solutions from HALLER

    Besides the classic, the Elegance BIO infrared heater, we also offer other infrared heaters for ceilings. 

    CoverPlate ceiling grid heater
    It fits perfectly into standard ceiling grids and provides cosy warmth in offices and business premises.

    OrbiHeater ring heater
    OrbitHeater is perfect for heating rooms with high ceilings, such as entrance areas.

    LongHeater hall heater
    LongHeater is ideal for large rooms such as halls. It provides supersized warmth!

    The bottom line on infrared ceiling heaters

    The advantages at a glance

    • Takes up no space on walls
    • Pleasant radiant heat from above
    • Ideal for uncomplicated retrofitting
    • Maintenance-free
    • Easy to install with the HALLER 2-point mounting system
    • Short reaction time

    Any unanswered questions?

    How is the infrared heater mounted on the ceiling?

    Our infrared heaters are fixed to the wall or ceiling by our tension-free, concealed HALLER 2-point mounting system with automatic safety device. You will find the exact instructions in our operating instructions.

    Download operating instructions for HALLER infrared heaters

    Which infrared heaters are suitable for mounting on the ceiling?

    All infrared heaters of the HALLER Elegance BIO series can be mounted on ceilings, from the small 170 watt panel to the large 1,500 watt panel.

    What can an infrared heater do on the ceiling?

    Infrared ceiling heaters are space-saving and efficient. By mounting them on the ceiling, no wall space is taken up and the pleasant radiant heat of the infrared heater comes from above. 

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