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    New building: Thoma house


    The "Holz100" concept from Thoma consists of 100% wood and that is durable for generations. It consists of special "moon wood", which gives pests virtually no chance. These home builders have chosen this innovative concept and heat their entire house eco-consciously with our HALLER infrared heaters.


    from the customer

    "We definitely wanted to build a Thoma house and our architect recommended the heating system from HALLER. We enjoy the pleasant warmth of the HALLER infrared heaters and are very satisfied."

    Figures, data, facts

    Energy independence components Photovoltaic system, HALLER infrared heaters
    Year of construction 2019
    Move-in date 2020
    Type of building Wooden house
    Energy standard KfW 70
    Roof insulation Holz100 solid element + 18 cm rafters, 3.5 wood fibre
    Outer wall thickness Holz100 30.6 + 6 cm insulation
    U-value of envelope (W/m2K) Outer wall = 0.221; windows = 0.81; roof = 0.161
    Ventilation system None
    PV system capacity 9 kWp

    Consumption values

    Floor area 180 sqm
    Heated area 180 sqm
    Connected load 8.65 kW
    Number of heaters 11
    Number of persons 5
    Hot water Air heat pump
    Supplementary heating Basic furnace
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