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    DAN-WOOD prefabricated house


    The Kämpf family became aware of infrared heating through their sales consultant and decided to equip their prefabricated house completely with HALLER infrared heaters. They have now been enjoying the cosy radiant heat of the infrared heaters for four years.


    from the customer

    "When we decided to build again in 2017, we had originally opted for a prefabricated house without a basement with a conventional gas boiler as the heating energy source.

    However, our Danwood sales consultant at the time drew our attention to a relatively new heating option (infrared) and put us in touch with the HALLER company.

    An appointment was quickly made in Riedlingen and so we met Mr Haller for the first time. As we had never heard of an infrared heater before, we were very grateful for Mr Haller's highly detailed and extremely competent comments and explanations. The warmth from the heaters made us feel very, very comfortable; it felt as if we were being illuminated by the sun with our eyes closed.

    We immediately felt well taken care of, but it got even better – more on that later!

    On the way home from Riedlingen to Münsingen, we had already decided to choose this type of heating. We definitely wanted to live with a future-oriented approach, and from our point of view, this goal could best be achieved with an infrared heater.

    So, we met with Mr Haller a second time. This time, we wanted to know exactly how an infrared heater works, how much electricity is needed, and so on. Mr Haller gave us some decisive advice on how to heat effectively and put us in touch with the Sonnen company.

    Now a "simple" change of heating system turned into a completely new energy concept for our home. In the meantime, we've also decided to use electricity to produce our hot water with an Oekoboiler heat pump boiler.

    Electricity from a socket would be too expensive in the long run, so of course we also had to install a 9.99 kWp PV system with 8 kW of battery storage. 

    We generate most of the electricity we need ourselves (more in summer, less in winter, of course). Naturally, if you heat with electricity, you need more electricity in winter than in summer, so we signed a flat rate agreement for 8,000 kW/h per year through the Sonnen company, which costs us €29.90 per month. This means that the Sonnen company uses our battery storage, and we get the electricity we need at the same conditions (€29.90 per month) in return.

    In 2019 and 2020, our total demand for household electricity – heating + hot water production was approx. 7,000 kW/h per year.

    However, our PV system generates approx. 10,500 to 11,000 kW/h of electricity per year, which is much more than we need. We feed this surplus electricity into the grid.

    Now for the calculation:
    Monthly charge for the PV system + battery storage for approx. 12 years: €250.00 per month
    Flat rate for household electricity and heating + hot water: €29.90 per month
    Reimbursement for electricity fed into the grid: approx. €60.00 per month


    Monthly charge for household electricity and heating + hot water: €219.90 per month

    We also needed the same amount in our previous house for electricity and heating.

    - This amount will always remain the same (electricity, gas or oil will become more expensive by approx. 3% every year)
    - After 12 years, my loan for the PV system with battery storage will expire - then we will even earn €30.00 per month or even more, as there will then only be two of us and we will have less electricity needs.

    But the best thing of all is that the heat feels really cosy. In winter, we can adjust the heat to the exact degree per room, and our ventilation system distributes the heat evenly. The infrared radiation even creates "half" an underfloor heating because all surrounding bodies (cupboards, tables, etc.) are heated.

    My wife and I noticed immediately during the information talks that Mr Haller was not trying to sell us the heating system, but rather wanted to convince us of this overall concept with all his heart and soul.

    For us, being absolutely uninformed, buying an infrared heating system was certainly a bit of a risk at the beginning, because we had no experience whatsoever.

    But based on our experience over the last few years, we can only conclude that it was absolutely the right decision.

    For this, we are very grateful to Mr Haller!"

    Figures, data, facts

    Type of building Timber frame
    Year of construction 2018
    Energy standard KfW 55
    Roof insulation Cellulose
    Outer wall thickness 36 cm
    Ventilation system Yes, with heat recovery
    PV system capacity 9.9 kWp

    Consumption values

    Floor area 152 sqm
    Heated area 130 sqm
    Connected load 8.4 kW
    Number of heaters 9
    Number of persons 3
    Heating consumption Approx. 3,000 kWh
    Hot water Domestic water heat pump
    Hot water consumption Approx. 1,000 kWh

    Reference video from our customer

    4 years of infrared heating in a single-family house

    Family Kämpf

    4 years infrared heating in new construction
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