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    Solid house 1985


    Our reference customers have converted an attic flat for their children and equipped it with HALLER infrared heaters. The family only really noticed how different it was from conventional heating when they built the extension.


    from the customer

    "We have converted an attic flat for our children and equipped it with HALLER infrared heaters. The feeling of warmth is remarkable - we feel very comfortable at 21°C. On the ground floor, which is not heated with infrared heaters, we need 24°C to be comfortable. Only now are we noticing the differences in warmth between the floor and the ceiling with conventional heating. The infrared heat is very pleasant and consistent. We're very satisfied with the infrared heaters and would do it again in a heartbeat."

    Figures, data, facts

    Year of construction 1985
    Move-in date 2018
    Masonry Solid
    Insulation Plastered
    Ventilation system None

    Consumption values

    Floor area 100 sqm
    Heated area 100 sqm
    Connected load 8.0 kW
    Number of heaters 9
    Number of persons 2
    Supplementary heating Scandinavian wood stove
    Supplementary heating consumption Approx. 1 st of wood
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