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    Prefabricated house with beauty salon


    The desired heating method was clear to these home builders from the very beginning: heating with infrared. Together with their dog, the family of three enjoys the pleasant radiant heat in their prefabricated house. The customers of the in-house beauty salon also enjoy the infrared heat.


    from the customer

    "We were already familiar with the concept of infrared heaters from our home country of Hungary. So we were looking for a manufacturer of infrared heaters nearby and came across HALLER. We're very satisfied with the infrared heaters, and Mr Haller's consulting was also very friendly! We've already recommended HALLER to friends who have now also equipped their entire house with HALLER infrared heaters. Thanks to the photovoltaic system on the roof, we heat virtually free of charge."

    Figures, data, facts

    Energy independence components Photovoltaic system, HALLER infrared heaters
    Year of construction 2019
    Move-in date 2019
    Energy standard KfW 55
    Outer wall insulation Styrofoam 120 mm
    Ventilation system Yes
    PV system capacity 8 kWp

    Consumption values

    Floor area 122 sqm
    Heated area 122 sqm
    Connected load 5.9 kW
    Number of heaters 9
    Number of persons 3 + 1 dog
    Total power consumption Approx. 5,000 kWh
    Hot water Domestic water heat pump
    Supplementary heating Wood burning stove
    Questions about the product?
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