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    Passive house timber frame construction 1999


    The passive house was built in 1999 in Alberweiler, a suburb of Schemmerhofen. The goal was to live as energy-efficiently as possible. The home builders succeeded with a photovoltaic system on the roof and our infrared heaters!


    from the customer

    "Our goal back in 1999 was to build a house that consumes as little energy as possible. So we decided on a passive house. We deliberately did not use a conventional heating system and geared everything towards electricity. For some years now, we have been supplementing our heating with infrared heaters from HALLER. This system still suits us – it's clean, simple and effective. Our photovoltaic system produces more electricity than we use in the
    whole house."

    Figures, data, facts

    Year of construction 1999
    Move-in date November 1999
    Energy standard Passive house
    Masonry Timber frame
    Wall insulation Cellulose
    Wall insulation Cellulose
    Ventilation system Yes (central)
    PV system capacity 12.72 kWp

    Consumption values

    Floor area 150 sqm
    Heated area 150 sqm
    Connected load 6.65 kW
    Number of heaters 9
    Number of persons 2
    Heating consumption Approx. 3,450 kWh
    Hot water Domestic water heat pump
    Hot water consumption 1,400 kWh
    Supplementary heating None
    Questions about the product?
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