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    Infrared solutions for churches & historic buildings

    The goal of church heating is to provide comfort for church visitors and to preserve the long-term value of the building and its furnishings, such as the organ, altars, paintings and holy figures.

    The radiant heat of infrared heating gives you more comfort and keeps the air clean.

    Conventional open heating systems only heat the air. This can then absorb more moisture, dirt particles (candle soot, incense) and so on. This warm and dirty air rises, taking moisture with it and condensing on the cold walls and ceilings, causing structural damage and short renovation intervals.


    Chandeliers as heaters

    OrbiHeater is a ring-shaped radiant chandelier designed specifically for churches. The 9 integrated high-power radiators have a total output of 5,400 watts. These are arranged in such a way that the ring heater has the optimum radiation at an installation height of approx. 4.5 m.


    Pew heating

    Our BenchHeaters (pew heating, closed system) are installed under the pews, providing direct radiant heat for church visitors. They supplement the heat from below that is radiated through the floor.

    Heating churches effectively

    with radiant heat

    In project planning, we do not make a performance calculation, but a placement calculation! The point is not to heat the churches, but to make the church visitors feel the radiant heat (= felt heat, not actual heat). 

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    St. George's Chapel in Tettnang

    St. George's Chapel in Tettnang
    Our reference church
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